Why Every Business Should Have a Website?

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If your business is not on the Internet, then you business will be out of business.

Bill Gates

Money bag in a handThe World Wide Web (www) has become one of the vital tools for businesses and organizations for reaching out to potential clients and members. Over the past decade, it has rapidly grown and significantly taken over the online world and therefore, every business should have a website.

Surprisingly, many businesses still shy from online presence, which is definitely hampering the overall business model and is being a hurdle in the full exposure.

Three top reasons, why every business, no matter big or small, should have a website:

Accessible 24/7

Even if your bricks and mortar store isn’t open 24/7, your website would be working and serving your customers 24/7/365. It’s the ‘one-time investment’ that goes a long way and pays abundance in return.


Your website isn’t just an online presence, but an effective marketing tool that speaks volume about your business’s profile and you’re very often found in Google searches too, which brings new customers.
If you’re interested in online marketing options, we’ve special packages and expertise the give your business maximum online exposure to the new potential customers; speak to us today.


Having a website greatly boosts your profile and helps new customers build an instant trust, which translates to more sales. Now days, most people like to search businesses online and read about them before stepping into bricks and mortar store. A website also helps your business in display work and even satisfied customers’ reviews and testimonies.

Top two reasons, why every business don’t  have a website:


Most businesses who don’t have a website usually are unfamiliar with the advantages of a website and therefore resist adapting technology. Some think it’s too much of a learning curve for them and resist change. This is a clear misunderstanding, we love to help businesses of every level, big or small, and this takes your understanding and technical know-how out of the equation to have a website. We do every technical thing, while you concentrate on running your business.


Cost is important for businesses and many think that website costs an arm and a leg. However, this is far from the truth. At Solwith Tech, we promise to provide the most economical web solution that is tailored to meet your needs, while not hitting your pocket. We work with you no matter what budget you’ve.

Bottom line

It’s important for every business to have a website. Having a website doesn’t mean you need to change the way you run your business, it just means there’s potential that you’ll have more business from new customers who’ve come to know about your via your website. It also doesn’t mean you’ve to spend lots of money to get a website. If you’re working with the right company, they consider all factors including, your budget and needs, and work with you to ensure you’ve a website.

At Solwith Tech, we would love to work with you and meet all your online needs, get in touch with us today without worrying about your budget…

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